Information about our service
1u.fi is one of Finland's fastest, shortest and easiest-to-use short address services. Our service allows you to get short and really difficult addresses short and helps you share them easily. to your friends or anyone. You can use our service by logging in * or without logging in *.
The purpose of the service is to give the user an abbreviated form of the web address he provides to the service.
Short addresses are commonly used in microblogging services to shorten links, such as on Twitter.
Statistics for shortened links
If you add a plus sign or /stats to the 1u.fi link after the shortened link, you will see a link information page that tells you where the link leads and how many times it has been clicked and when (All information is available if the link is public).
For example, the Information Page for this example ("https://1u.fi/CUSTOMALIAS") can be found at https://1u.fi/CUSTOMALIAS+. From the info page, users can check where the link leads before it is clicked.
Login * = Registered member of the site.
Without login * = guest who is not logged in or registered on the site.

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