Cookies are small text files that are stored in a user's browser when using websites and applications. Users can control the use of cookies on websites with browser privacy settings (for more information about managing cookies in Browser Support). Please note that all websites and apps may not work properly if cookies are completely disabled. and our site partners use cookies for the following purposes:

Identifying and identifying a user's identity on websites and applications to provide services in accordance with user requirements
Providing the user's websites and applications
Remember to remember the user's preferences and restore the site or application that was last used at the right place
Measuring websites and applications to help improve products and customize websites and web services according to users' interests, and conduct market surveys
Understanding potential user interests to provide users with more targeted ads and content on web sites and applications
For more information on cookies, please visit the Interactive Advertising Bureaucre for online advertising growth and development.

Techniques for cookies
Cookies are called the "HTTP Cookies" technical name. There are other cookies, such as HTML5 Local Storage and LSO (Local Shared Object), for the same purpose. LSO files are used by Adobe® Flash® Player software-readable file creators and websites that host these files.
Web beacons and embedded scripts
Web beacons and embedded scripts are other techniques we use on our websites, apps, and some emails and ads.

Web beacons (or tags) means software components that are added to web pages, emails, and ads to (or partners) when viewed, clicked, or viewed on those pages, emails, or ads.

Embedded scripts are part of the software code that are added to some web pages to measure how a particular user uses those pages (for example, what links a user clicks). With this information, can develop its websites and services and focus them on the likelihood of the user's interest and conduct market research. In some browsers, it is possible to disable the scripting feature (such as Java Script) (see Help with Browser Support). Note that some websites and applications may not work properly if the scripting feature is disabled.