(Updated on 27/03/2021)

This page tells you how cookies are used on this site.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer via a browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) upon request by a website.

Cookies are stored on your computer momentarily (eg when the browser is on) or for a longer period of time, even years. (We do not have access to cookies that do not come from this site)

Use of cookies on this site
This site uses cookies in many places:

Registration and maintenance of your settings. This includes making sure you stay logged in and that the site keeps the language and layout as you set it.
Statistics. This allows us to monitor the use of user pages so that we can improve the user experience.
Advertising-assisted cookies (possibly third parties). If this site displays ads, advertisers can set their own cookies to monitor who has seen the ads. These cookies may be set by third parties, in which case this website will not be able to modify these cookies.
Other third-party cookies are cookies, for example, Facebook or Twitter for sharing. These cookies are usually set by third parties, so this site does not have access to them.
Deleting / disabling cookies
Cookies are managed through your browser settings.

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